Building A Gratitude WAVE

We’re serving Gratitude all this month at Tapa Palapa.

Today’s special is connecting to thankfulness during the holidays, even though you’re looking for a job or worried about keeping the one you have.

You’ll hear Francie and Steve do a very mediocre version of the wave seen and heard in sports stadiums around the world. But then you’ll hear about a great exercise that builds your confidence, your sense of purpose and fulfillment, and your gratitude. It’s called the WAVE.

Oh, and Francie did it again. On the spot, right in the middle of the show, she came up with an idea to make an outline of the WAVE available on this site. (She’s like that, you know – creative, embracing learning, and open to challenges. It’s part of why we love her).

Check out the takeout menu to see how that worked out.

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  1. Steve Coxsey says:

    The WAVE is uploaded and ready to use! You can find it at

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