Let It Shine

We’re Looking For Light all this month at Tapa Palapa.

This week we’re basking in the light of the unexpected lamp.

In this episode Francie and Steve talk about the way people who don’t know each other well, or even don’t know each other at all, can bring light into one other’s lives. It’s the light of recognition and attention and kindness we show when we take the time to acknowledge someone we’re used to ignoring. It’s the flame of humanity we stoke in someone when we look them in the eye and smile.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. How has someone been an unexpected lamp for you? How do you shine your lamp on people it’s easy to overlook?

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This Week’s Tidbits:

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You can learn more about Steve’s friend and colleague Dr. Judy Krings by visiting her Facebook page. To see Judy’s beautiful pictures from her garden and enjoy her positive psychology inspiration visit her Coaching Positivity blog. In fact, right now the first post shows her mom and a Santa doggie visitor!

It’s a quirkier show than usual this week, because Steve calls Francie “dude” early on, and Francie winds up talking about people with antlers sticking out their rear… as she pauses before adding the word “windows.” The background noise even steals the show at times.

We probably should have called this week’s show “Choppa’ Palapa.” Unexpected things are always happening when we get together to record, but this week was a standout. Just before we started recording a crew showed up to trim branches from some nearby trees, using chainsaws. You can hear the saws revving in the background, and sometimes they’re so loud they sound like motorcycles. You can almost imagine Francie and Steve broadcasting from a road bike – a chopper. Chainsaws chopping, revving like choppers… Choppa’ Palapa!

See the video of the work crew on our Tapa Palapa Cinema page. You’ll also see the YouTube video of the flash mob singing The Hallelujah Chorus in the food court at a mall.

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