Into The Fire

We’re Looking For Light all this month at Tapa Palapa.

This week we tweaked the menu a little. We had planned to talk about purifying fire, but we realized that was just one aspect of our topic, so we changed the menu. Now we’re meditating on the flames of a transforming fire.

In this episode Francie and Steve discuss fire as a symbol of releasing the past to prepare for transformation and renewal. In nature, fire clears away debris and dead wood to set the stage for new growth. We can release our own psychological debris and spiritual dead wood symbolically through a fire ceremony to set the stage for our rebirth and growth.

This week we reached deep in our bag of professional recording tricks to create a virtual crackling fire. Close your eyes and imagine you are snuggled up next to the fire as you listen to this episode.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. What do you want to release as this year ends? What do you want to make room for in your life for the coming year? What intentions are you setting and how are you preparing to grow so you can make your intentions real?

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This Week’s Tidbits:

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