Head Over Heels

We’re asking, “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” all this month at Tapa Palapa. This week we offer ways to cushion the fall when you go head over heels.

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In this episode Francie and Steve suggest creative ways to meet people who are likely to be compatible partners in a romantic relationship. They also discuss pointers on navigating the exciting whirlwind of falling in love so that you don’t land with a “thud.” They offer tips for staying conscious and mindful as you look for a romantic partner, as you feel the stirrings of infatuation and wonder if this person might be “the one,” and as you let yourself get swept away and fall in lust – er, love.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. How have you made sure you were compatible with someone before letting go and falling head over heels? What have you learned by falling for someone who turned out to be incompatible? What advice can you share for people longing for a romantic relationship and eager to fall in love?

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This Week’s Tidbits:

Search for groups of people who share your interests at Meetup.com.

To visit the web site for the 5 Love Languages click here. The banner link to the book is at the bottom of this post.

See the video of Francie drawing the winners of her Valentine’s Day Give-Away on our Cinema page.

Are you hearing the call of the ocean, too? Enjoy some spectacular photos of waves by Clark Little by clicking here.

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