Sharing Your Time

We’re mixing up a delicious cocktail at Tapa Palapa. The recipe can only be made in large quantities, but that’s okay because it’s for sharing. After all, “Life Is Bigger Than You.”

All month long we’ll be talking about sharing your time, talent, and treasure for the greater good. This week’s ingredient is very valuable. It’s your time, which can’t be replaced. So you get to decide how much to mix in, a big slosh or just a splash.

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In this episode Francie and Steve explore lots of ways to share your time, everything from involved, complicated, long-term programs right down to simple acts of being involved with people around you. Francie introduces us to “slacktivisim,” and Steve has other ideas for making it really really really simple to give your time. Warning: Steve said he lost his “funny,” so his suggestions are – ahem – kind of blunt.

Please leave a comment or a question to join the conversation. Is there a cause that you support that you want to tell us about? What memorable experiences have you had volunteering your time? Do you have some additional simple ways that even people who are busy can share their time and make a difference?

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This Week’s Tidbits:


Check out these sites Francie mentioned to help a cause simply by clicking around the internet. Really! They are legitimate. Sponsors donate to the causes based on traffic to the site. sends rice to the World Food Programme. provides food for animal shelters. is a portal to many sites for different causes you can choose from.

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One Response to Sharing Your Time

  1. Steve Coxsey says:

    In the SPAM filter was a message with a link to get people to buy something, but the message was great. It said, “Faith is not trying to believe something regardless of the evidence. Faith is daring to do something regardless of the consequences.”

    I love this message so wanted to pass it on. The SPAM-bots are using all sorts of innovative ways to make their messages look legitimate so they’ll be approved and posted on web sites.


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