Sharing Your Talent and Treasure

We’re mixing up a delicious cocktail at Tapa Palapa. The recipe can only be made in large quantities, but that’s okay because it’s for sharing. After all, “Life Is Bigger Than You.”

All month long we’ve been talking about sharing your time, talent, and treasure for the greater good. This week we add the last ingredients. One is unique to you, your collection of talents, so your cocktail will have your signature. The other is something everyone has, but in different amounts – your treasure. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot to give, because it’s the cheerfulness in giving that sweetens this drink.

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In this episode Francie and Steve review ways to share your talent, including the obvious, the not-so-obvious, the surprisingly simple, and the delightfully creative. They also consider the ways you bless your own life as well as the lives of others when you share your treasure.

Please leave a comment or a question to join the conversation. Do you get to share your talents in a not-so-obvious way? Do you have a talent you don’t use regularly but get to share for the greater good? What delightfully creative idea have you come up with as a way to share your talent to benefit others? Have you ever been happy that you gave money? Seriously. We want to know!

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This Week’s Tidbits:

Share Your Treasure: Japanese Disaster Relief

Here are a couple of resources to help you decide how to donate money to benefit survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan:

Yahoo! has a list of organizations providing disaster relief in Japan.

American Institute of Philanthropy rates the economic efficiency of organizations that are providing disaster relief in Japan.

**Although they note that Doctors Without Borders is not accepting donations for its efforts in Japan, please understand that Doctors Without Borders does not accept any targeted donations. They need to be lean and agile and swift in their responses so they don’t accept restricted donations. Donating to them will support their efforts in Japan.

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