Wildcard Wednesday: Muumuus, Jellybeans, and Boxes

This is our very first ‘Wildcard Wednesday’ episode. We develop four weekly shows around each monthly theme, but some months have five Tuesdays. We’ll use the ‘extra’ show those months as a wildcard, an opportunity to devote one episode to a topic that intrigues us. We’ll choose it close to recording time so we can discuss something timely, something that’s trending, or something that’s currently on our minds.

This week we found a topic that fits all three categories. We don’t want to spoil your experience by saying too much about it because we take you through our decision process in the episode. We actually open the show with a ‘behind the scenes’ window into the making of Tapa Palapa, including our production meeting where we choose the topic. You’ll also find out why, even though our other shows debut on Tuesday, the Wildcard comes out on Wednesday.

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We’ll give you a couple of hints about this week’s topic. One is that we ruled out talking about muumuus and jellybeans. The other is that we want you to blow something up.

Please click on the triangle play button above to listen, or choose “Play in Popup” or “Download.” Then leave a comment or a question to join the conversation. Did you try out our suggestions? What did you make happen? What did you blow up? We’d love to hear!

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This Week’s Tidbits:

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