Being A Champion

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This month we’re looking at the guest list you would create for a dinner celebrating your life. They are your “Circle of Champions.”

As we set up and planned the show, some of the children on a field trip to the park slowly moved their loud play towards our picnic table. That’s probably because we were near the sand volleyball court, where they were chasing and dumping sand on each other!

We wanted to keep the show under 10 minutes so we set a timer for 8 minutes and stopped talking when it went off. Really! Okay, we talked for a couple seconds more, but then we stopped. Even with the intro and the outro the show wound up well under 9 minutes – only 8 minutes and 37 seconds! Thank you. We were surprised, too.

This week we’re looking for an opportunity to be a champion for someone. We have several suggestions on how you can encourage, support, or celebrate with someone. You can challenge yourself even more by looking for the chance to be a champion to someone you wouldn’t automatically think of. Make an intention to be a champion for someone, and then share your experience in the comments section below.

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