Champions 2.0

We used the timer again to keep the show to 8 minutes of conversation, so it’s less than 9 minutes even with the intro and outro. Click the triangle in the circle below to listen on this page, or click “Play in Popup” to open a small window that streams the show. You can click “Download” if you want a copy of the MP3 audio file on your computer to put on your iPod or other player.

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This month we’re looking at the guest list you would create for a dinner celebrating your life. They are your “Circle of Champions.”

On this show we’re talking about the effect of virtual interactions on our ability to have close, sustaining relationships. We recorded on the sidewalk outside a Starbucks, because many people who work as free agents use Starbucks both as a base for their virtual relationships (free Wi-Fi) and as a place to meet friends and colleagues when they need face-to-face interaction.

How can you use digital communication to enhance relationships with your champions who don’t live nearby? Can a relationship that starts virtually grow into a champion relationship? What if all your interactions with someone are digital, through social media or texting or e-mail? Can you reach that level of connection and familiarity without live interaction?

These are challenging questions. So challenging, in fact, that Steve seems to wind up debating himself! Please leave a comment with your thoughts, your questions, or your experiences using digital communication to cultivate sustaining relationships.

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