Go Gumby!

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This is another “Wildcard Wednesday” episode because May had five Tuesdays. Five Tuesdays means Wildcard Wednesday. Don’t you love our logic?

Gumby is our mascot for this show because we’re talking about flexibility. We want you to be prepared for change, because it’s coming. Predictable, likely, unlikely, or unexpected, it shows up in different forms. But it shows up. You can’t avoid change.

What do you do to keep yourself flexible to handle change as it comes? Do you have any special “Mind Gumby” techniques to share with our audience? We want to hear them! Tell us in a comment below.

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This Week’s Tidbits:

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3 Responses to Go Gumby!

  1. Judy Krings says:

    Love your magic metaphors! This fun podcast reminded me of a candy-covered twist pretzel covered with swirls of white and chocolate. Both tasty. Your season finale was the best dessert ever! May the uncertainty of summer breathe fresh air into your unexpectedly colorful days. Thanks for helping me remember my physical and emotional mindful Gumpy grinning flexibility.

    • Steve Coxsey says:

      Thanks, Judy. We hope that our listeners remember that a little fun and whimsy expand thinking and expand creative problem-solving, even if the challenge is a serious one. We’re all more effective when we bring our “whole self” along.


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