Tapa What?

What in the world is Tapa Palapa?
What does that even mean?

Tapa Palapa is an approach to life we try to capture in a podcast. We are professional coaches Francie Cooper and Steve Coxsey.

When we met and started talking about the things that most bring us alive, we realized we have a lot of values and passions in common, and enough differences that we enjoy learning from each other. Separately we had both considered recording a podcast for years.

When we get together our conversations get profound, serious, whimsical, and inspirational, with a little “woo woo” thrown in. Okay, a lot of “woo woo.” To us “woo woo” is the spiritual component, the part that deeply values individuality, potential, personal development, life purpose, and genuine community.

Together we realized we have combined information, backgrounds, and experiences to give a lot of useful content. But more importantly, we realized that when we are together there is energy. We want to share our messages and our energy so we decided to produce a weekly podcast.

When we thought about images and concepts to reflect the theme and the mood of our podcast, we thought about two concepts. One was the tapas bar, where friends gather in the evening to share a meal and good conversation. The meal is composed of a variety of bite-sized morsels, similar to the interesting savory tidbits of information and inspiration we intend to share. As a Spanish tradition, it is served with wine, the symbol of joyful celebration. Each episode of Tapa Palapa will include joyful celebration.

We also realized we both love water and feel most relaxed when we are near it. Since we want a relaxing, soothing, but playful mood for the podcast, we imagined sitting on the beach watching the waves break. We thought a thatched roof palapa would be the sort of casual place we would want to spend our time talking at the beach, in a lounge chair or Adirondack chair with our shoes off.

Tapa Palapa is a portable, very casual open-air tapas bar under a thatched roof. When you listen imagine you’re on the beach with us, shoes off, trying a variety of savory morsels and drinking the celebratory beverage of your choice.

We will keep the menu interesting and tasty. Please visit us regularly and bring your friends. There’s always room at the table at Tapa Palapa.

6 Responses to Tapa What?

  1. Kathy (DeMars) Gonzales says:

    Francie–great to hear your voice after all these years. Loved this intro podcast for Tapa Palapa–very intriguing. Will try and tune in when I can or listen later.
    @Steve-don’t mean to exclude you from this but Francie and I went to grade/hs together.
    Good luck to both of you!

    • Steve Coxsey says:

      Hi, Kathy. Since you’ve known Francie for so long you can understand how very cool and truly special it was for me to meet her. My consulting and coaching network is virtual, spread out around the world. Francie is the first coach I’ve met in person who lives in the values and coaching approach that I know and practice.

      Thanks for helping to spread the word about Tapa Palapa.

  2. Ken says:

    I think this is great, Steve. So glad you’re doing this.

    • Steve Coxsey says:

      Glad you found it, Ken! Francie and I have a lot of fun planning and producing the episodes, and we get to go into topics that matter a lot to us and hopefully resonate with other people. It’s pretty serious play.

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