Where in the world is Francie? Right as the show from the Sanford Spa ended she took off. Where did Steve find her?

We capture Francie’s Valentine’s Day Give-Away drawing LIVE for everyone to find out who won – a romantic DVD and chocolates, two movie tickets, and a dinner-for-two gift certificate. Was it you? Watch and see!

Not a chopper, but a chopper. The motorcycle sound during “The Unexpected Lamp” is chainsaws trimming branches. After we ended they cranked up the chopper/shredder. We can’t make this stuff up!

In “The Unexpected Lamp” we discuss this flash choir: The Hallelujah Chorus.

Distraction or ambiance? The tractor was spreading sand in the volleyball courts during our podcast – in December!

What’s that banging? Recording was delayed by the window washer!

Planning the Refocus.Reinvent.Rebuild (Triple R) Workshop!

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  2. Many years ago I worked in downtown Fort Worth on the 10th floor. This was so long ago that we had elevatormen who took us up & down the floors. My desk was next to a window, and I had the blinds shut. I was working along when there was a definite loud knock knock knock on the window. I about jumped out of my skin! Well, it was the window washer, gesturing for me to open the window for him so that he could climb in, and take his lunch break! The ladies who had worked in the office for a while thought it was hum drum, while I had a difficult time stopping my laughter.

    Thanks so much for sharing the cute video; and for sharing your delicious tidbits of thought & wisdom! Love it!

    • Francie says:

      Thanks for your story, Sherry. Just the thought of someone knocking on a covered window by my desk gives me palpitations. I’m sure I wouldn’t have handled it with as much grace as you did. Laughter? Screaming at the top of my lungs is what actually comes to mind 🙂

      Oh, and, thanks for your comment of our tidbits. So happy you find them delicious!

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