Refocus. Reinvent. Rebuild.

Who will write the next chapter of your life?

Set aside just one day to make sure the author is you.

In this episode Francie and Steve talk about the opportunities we unlock when we design a plan for the next stage of life. When we focus on rediscovering our dreams, cultivating them, and bringing them to life, we experience more richness, more meaning, and more fulfillment.

Stream the episode or download it here:

For more information on the day-long “Triple R” retreat visit Francie’s web site. The date has been changed to Saturday, November 20, but the site has not been updated.

You can sign up on the site through PayPal. You can also e-mail Francie or call her at (817) 929-9599 to register or to get more information.

Ready to join the (r)evolution?

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