Work, Play and Love Like a Dog!

I love this quote from Martha Beck! 

“Dogs are my favorite role models. I want to work like a dog, doing what I was born to do with joy and purpose. I want to play like a dog, with total, jolly abandon. I want to love like a dog, with unabashed devotion and complete lack of concern about what people do for a living, how much money they have, or how much they weigh.”

I have a 14-year-old golden retriever named Natasha and she inspires me every day. 

She still loves to retrieve the tennis ball, despite her advanced years, joyfully doing what she was born to do.

She speaks up for what she wants, mostly ice cubes from her personal slot machine that is the ice maker on the front of the refrigerator!  Oh, and she does speak up for breakfast and dinner, promptly at 8:00 every morning and evening. 

Plus, she is always happy when I get home.  Even though she can’t hear nor see too well any more, when I touch her to let her know I’m in the house, she gives me a thorough licking to let me know she’s glad I’m there.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all lived that way?

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